hello lovelies..

well, the past few months have been decidedly weird. I haven’t been on tumblr because… well. I haven’t been on.. I haven’t been..

Well, I suppose I haven’t been on because I’ve been busy, although to say that is to equate business with sitting around watching children’s cartoons and sulking. Which is basically what I’ve been up to. Don’t get me wrong, I had good intentions.. I think people always do, but as always, life gets in the way. 

I just want to tell you all, for those of you who are still listening, although I wouldn’t be surprised if the lot of you weren’t.. I don’t expect you to even remember who I am… that I suppose this is my formal way of telling you all that I am back to blogging. I never stopped really, hiatuses are just that, but while away.. I couldn’t help but feel a crippling sense of missing something, even now it feels almost foreign to be on this page, but I know in time I’ll get used to it again. 

For the giveaway “winners”, I will need your information to send out the gifts, and I’ll get on that as soon as possible, and I am terribly sorry for making you all wait… 3 months, but as I stated previously I was busying myself with being not very busy at all…

In any case, I’m excited to be back, I’ve missed all of this terribly.. and I’m sure I’ll get back into it as soon as I start blogging and reblogging and talking to everyone I used to.. because I think that’s what I missed most… the camaraderie that comes with obsessing over a certain subject.

Also, I may very well be seeing Benedict on the Late Show, so that’s pretty exciting. And I’ve been painting more.. I learned myself how to make gifs, and in all.. being away from here really. fucking. sucked. 

I love y’all.

11 months ago · May 06, 2013 · 35 notes
  1. calm-after-the-storm said: Welcome back dear!
  2. deerstalking said: TAYLOR YAY
  3. illfightyouforthelibrary said: I’m so glad you’re ok! We love you too, welcome back lovely <3
  4. clouisejohnr said: missed you too darling! can’t wait to see you up and blogging again!
  5. starkky said: welcome back, missed you on my dash :)
  6. hannibalitus said: TAYLOR!!
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